Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snow Day!

I just had to take a break from what I've been posting lately to share this past Monday with you...

You see, we're lucky if we get snow once a year around here...and when it does snow (no matter how little it is), it's a pretty big deal.
Everyone flies to the grocery store and buys all the bread and milk because apparently, that is all that is required to live when it snows.

Sunday night, we were so excited when it started snowing.
I took Alex to the window to show him. All he could say was "Wow..."
I was even more excited Monday morning when I found out I could stay home from work.

You'd think I'd take an unexpected day and do something useful with it.
I could've spent the day cleaning house or crafting. But you see, we typically only get one day a week to all stay home together. Saturdays are usually spent running errands and going to church (we go to church saturday nights because my husband works sunday).
My husband has Mondays off, so this unexpected snow day was a real treat for us.

 Alex was SO thrilled to play in the snow...I think he would've stayed outside all day if we had let him.

The dogs had a blast catching snowballs...

Even Scribble had to see what all the excitement was about!

It was such a nice day to just relax and be a family...

If only every day could be a snow day. :)

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