Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dandelion and More Exciting Pixie News!

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys this little pixie!
She's the first doll I've made with removable clothing.
Sounds silly, but I can draft a doll or plushie pattern without a single issue, but clothes? I'm totally lost.
I think I spent two weeks just making and remaking the same dress over and over until I was satisfied. I'm still not anywhere NEAR up to par with some of the amazing doll clothing makers out there, but I'm so happy I can send these little pixies out in something!

Anyway, this is Dandelion!

Like my last little pixie, she's just five inches tall.

She's wired so she can hold some poses!
She can't stand, but her full dress allows her to sit pretty easily on her own.

After I finally got her dress to a point that I was happy with it, she insisted she needed a pair of panties. She's not indecent, after all! (Which is funny since she seems to prefer running around in only her  panties once I made them.)

And her fluffy dress was just begging to have a tutu to go underneath it!
She seems to like running around in just her tutu and panties also.
These pixies can be quite a handful.

Dandelion and her full outfit are available in the shop!

And for more exciting tiny pixie news...My lovely friend Peggy was so sweet and created a pdf pattern and photo tutorial to make a wig, dress, and shoes for my little pixies!!
Remember the little bald and naked pixie I made?
This is what Peggy did with her!

Doesn't she look fantastic?
All of the tiny pixies will come with this great pattern for no extra charge! (And did I mention that cute little felt dress is NO SEW!? How cool is that?)
Be sure to visit Peggy's shop and check out all of her other patterns she has for sale (especially if you like to crochet!).

Because she was so nice to offer this pattern to us, I'll be selling my pixies two ways from now on:
As a full set like Dandelion, or nude and bald (at a lesser cost) so that you can fix her up yourself!
I have not decided if I'll be creating etsy listings for the nakie pixies, or if I'll just take them as custom orders only (that way you get to also give me an idea of the way you want the face painted) if you're interested in ordering one, message me in the shop or on Facebook.

Anyway, I'm back to work on my next doll. I am seriously excited about this one. I drew her in my sketchbook over a year ago and have been dying to make her ever since. The new tiny pixie design gave me the perfect excuse to finally get around to working on her. I love her so much already, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to let her go!