Sunday, June 5, 2011

Loomy the Laundry Monster

I have a confession to make...
I can never stay ahead of the laundry.
I seriously think my hamper is a bottomless pit and that the clothes in it multiply on their own.

I fear that it's gotten so bad I've attracted...a creature.

I managed to get a shot of him while passing by the hamper the other day...

I found him again later when I opened the laundry room...

It turns out he's a friendly little guy and I managed to catch him to take better pictures.

He even let me take a picture of his cute little tail!

We decided to call him Loomy.
After playing with him for awhile, we released him in a place we knew he'd be comfortable...

At least now I know why I pulled ten of my son's socks from the dryer and none of them made a pair!

Loomy is about 6 inches tall (sitting) and is made mostly of fake fur.
He was handsewn and painted.

Have a great week, you guys!