Saturday, June 15, 2013

Popsicle and Yeppah Yeti

I just finished up these two monsters, and I love how they turned out!
Can't wait to make more in this style! :)

First, there's Popsicle.

Popsicle is a friendly little fluffy monster that just loves to play!

 He loves sunny, warm weather, and his favorite food is ice cream.

(Be careful though, he's been known to chase down the ice cream man!)

Popsicle wasn't in the shop for long before he was adopted. I'm going to miss that guy!

I've had this white fur sitting around for a bit, begging to become a Yeppah was born.

Yeppah is a yeti, but never fear...she wouldn't dream of hurting anyone.

She's probably the gentlest yeti you'll ever meet.

She's not too happy with the high humidity here, and hopes to find a much cooler place to live (or at least someone with a good air conditioner!).

Yeppah is still looking for her home! She can be found here!
(By the way, I was trying to think of a name that started with the letter "Y" for this yeti...I started looking through baby names, and discovered Yeppah means "snow girl." Very appropriate, don't you think?)

Remember the birthday monster I made for my little guy?

He loves him! I even got a "Momma, I love you" out of it. :)
*sigh* Still can't believe he's four. Where does the time go?

Anyway, my desk is clear right now.
I always find that to be so exciting because of all the possibilities...soooo many things I've been wanting to work on, and now I can! If I could only decide what to do first...;)

What would you guys like to see in the shop?
More monsters? More fluffs?  More dolls?
All of the above? Hehe.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Four Little Fluffs

I just finished up four little Pocket Fluffs this week!

This guy found a home very quickly!

All of these little fluffs (except for the purple, black, and white one) are waiting to be adopted in the shop!
If you've been wanting a fluff, better grab one fast...they don't seem to stick around very long!
I've already started on some larger monsters for the shop!
Hopefully they'll be ready in a few days. :)