Friday, July 25, 2014

Alice and Chess

Silly me, I got behind on putting pictures on this blog!
Just as well though because these last two custom dolls are so perfect together. 

First, meet Alice.

I was asked to make an Alice in Wonderland, but not to use the traditional colors. 

Alice is another one of my mini pixies, and is just 5 inches tall. 
She's also wired to allow her to hold some poses.

 Her hair was my first time adding mohair to one of my dolls. I love the look! 
I'll definitely be doing that again in the near future.

Like my other mini pixies, Alice's outfit is removable.
She has a couple of extra pieces on. In addition to her dress, panties, and tutu, she also has on an apron and socks. (I loooove that I finally found a black and white striped material to make socks with. I am trying to keep myself from making every single doll from now on have them!)

Next up is another custom named Chess!

 She wanted a hot pink cheshire (kind of based off the colors of Disney's cheshire cat).

She also got the more traditional cheshire grin!

Of course, I just had to take a picture of them together.
It was too perfect not to!

I have some other exciting news to share, but I think it warrants a blog post all of its own (although if you follow me on Facebook, you already know it!). I'll be back soon with my thoughts on that!

I'm also finishing up another cute little custom pixie and am dreaming of the one I want to make after this one, so expect more updates soon. ;)

Friday, June 6, 2014

We're All Mad Here! Chessa the Cheshire

I've said it before I know, but I'm always months behind creating my ideas.
Chessa has been sitting in my sketchbook, waiting to be made for at least a year now.
My new mini pixies gave me the perfect base to finally create her.
(They also give me the perfect base to create a bunch of other little characters that have been patiently I'm really excited about the future around here!)

I have to admit, I think she's my favorite doll I've created to date.

This is Chessa the Cheshire.

She's five and a half inches tall if you count her big kitty ears.

Like my last little pixies, she's wired so she can hold some poses.

She was hand painted using acrylics and sealed with a matte varnish.

Her outfit is removable and comes with a dress, tutu, and panties.

She's a bit mad, but I hear all the best people are. ;)

She has already been adopted, but I imagine there will be more cheshires in the future.
It was hard sending her off, but I know where she's going she'll be really loved!

I've already started on the next little doll.
She's a fun custom that I can't wait to share with you all!

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Dandelion and More Exciting Pixie News!

I am so excited to finally be able to show you guys this little pixie!
She's the first doll I've made with removable clothing.
Sounds silly, but I can draft a doll or plushie pattern without a single issue, but clothes? I'm totally lost.
I think I spent two weeks just making and remaking the same dress over and over until I was satisfied. I'm still not anywhere NEAR up to par with some of the amazing doll clothing makers out there, but I'm so happy I can send these little pixies out in something!

Anyway, this is Dandelion!

Like my last little pixie, she's just five inches tall.

She's wired so she can hold some poses!
She can't stand, but her full dress allows her to sit pretty easily on her own.

After I finally got her dress to a point that I was happy with it, she insisted she needed a pair of panties. She's not indecent, after all! (Which is funny since she seems to prefer running around in only her  panties once I made them.)

And her fluffy dress was just begging to have a tutu to go underneath it!
She seems to like running around in just her tutu and panties also.
These pixies can be quite a handful.

Dandelion and her full outfit are available in the shop!

And for more exciting tiny pixie news...My lovely friend Peggy was so sweet and created a pdf pattern and photo tutorial to make a wig, dress, and shoes for my little pixies!!
Remember the little bald and naked pixie I made?
This is what Peggy did with her!

Doesn't she look fantastic?
All of the tiny pixies will come with this great pattern for no extra charge! (And did I mention that cute little felt dress is NO SEW!? How cool is that?)
Be sure to visit Peggy's shop and check out all of her other patterns she has for sale (especially if you like to crochet!).

Because she was so nice to offer this pattern to us, I'll be selling my pixies two ways from now on:
As a full set like Dandelion, or nude and bald (at a lesser cost) so that you can fix her up yourself!
I have not decided if I'll be creating etsy listings for the nakie pixies, or if I'll just take them as custom orders only (that way you get to also give me an idea of the way you want the face painted) if you're interested in ordering one, message me in the shop or on Facebook.

Anyway, I'm back to work on my next doll. I am seriously excited about this one. I drew her in my sketchbook over a year ago and have been dying to make her ever since. The new tiny pixie design gave me the perfect excuse to finally get around to working on her. I love her so much already, I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to let her go!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

A Tiny Little Pixie

It shouldn't be any surprise by now that I love tiny things.
When I was asked if I could make a tiny pixie, I was thrilled to try!

I swear, my customers just think of the best ideas :)

This little pixie is just five inches tall.

She's completely wired to make her poseable.

She can wear most pukipuki/ Kelly sized clothing. 
The dress and hat she's wearing in the pics was made by my very talented friend, 62kitty.

I was asked to leave her bald and nude so her new guardian can personalize her.
I can't wait to see who she becomes!

This is the second time I've had someone ask me to make a "base" doll that they can take and customize.
I love this idea because it captures the spirit of the ball jointed dolls that I adore so much.

I have a friend offering to create a wig pattern for this little one and she says I can share it with you all!
I'm curious if I did this, would there be any interest in bald and naked little pixies in the shop?

And I've gotten a little behind in sharing my latest fluffs with you!
The newest cuddle of spring time fluffs are now in the shop!

I love these little pastel fluff balls ;)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bloogle, a new monster design!

I have been so excited to share my newest monster with you guys.
He's a totally new design, and I adore him!
(Seriously...I didn't even want to list him for adoption, but apparently he wants to see more than just my art room. Oh well.)

This is Bloogle.

Bloogle is a laid back fellow.
He prefers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pretty sunshine.

He is 8 inches tall and has long, floppy arms.

I adore his long arms! They make him so expressive!

If you need a pal like Bloogle to "chill out" with around the house, he's up for adoption here!

I haven't decided what is next on my to do list.
I have fabrics picked out for at least two more monsters like Bloogle.
I'd also like to make another mini Secret Keeper...and I need to restock on the regular sized Pocket Fluffs! Those guys just don't stick around for long, it seems!

What do you think of the new monster design?

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Patience, the mini Secret Keeper and a note about custom orders

If you follow me on Facebook, you might have noticed that things have been a bit quieter than normal over the last few weeks. I'm so sorry about that!

This little one had to be named Patience after she had to put up with how slow I was working on her. ;)

Patience is a mini Secret Keeper!

 I adore this size.
She's only 6 inches tall! (Or 3.5 inches sitting, which is how she prefers to be.)
The regular Secret Keepers are 12 inches tall (6 inches sitting), so she's so tiny compared to them!

Patience is patiently waiting in the shop for her new home!

Now, for a little confession.
The past few weeks I was busy working on a commission that I'm sad to say did not have a positive ending.
I've enjoyed working with several people on custom works, but this was the first one that went badly.
It crushed me.
For a little bit there, it sucked my entire creative drive out of me.
Artistic ability and creativity are funny things, and the smallest things can send them into hiding.
I'm still a bit sad about it and the rejected plush is serving as an unfortunate reminder.
I'm taking this as a learning experience, though.

I am changing my policies on custom orders.
From now on, I will only be taking semi-custom orders.
What's the difference, you ask?

A semi-custom is a variation of something I already create.
If you want a Secret Keeper with pink hair and blue eyes, that's great!
If you want a yellow Pocket Fluff with a purple face, I'll be thrilled to help you!
But if you want a plush based off a specific drawing, I'm terribly sorry, but I'll have to pass. It kills me to tell anyone "no" because I love working with and helping people, but I simply can not take the risk of losing both time and money again.

On a positive note, Patience helped me get my creative drive back again, and I already have plans for a new style of monster. I can't wait to get started on him!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Naughty Little Pixie

You know, I've always been very lucky with my little dolls and creatures.
Sure, there's been some with a wild streak, but they've always been willing to work with me and tell me who they want to become.
(What? You think I decide these things?!)

But oh no, not this one.

Oh yes, as you can see she is bald and naked.

I asked her...I begged her...I pleaded with her to tell me what hair and clothing she was supposed to have, but would she tell me?
Oh, no.

She just gave me that knowing little smile, looked at me with those big golden eyes, and told me I wasn't the one she would tell.

I suppose she's not really a naughty pixie. She just has plans that are outside of my tiny little art room.
She knows there's someone else out there that's meant to tell her story.

This little pixie was a custom request from a lovely friend of mine.
After I talked about how horrible I am at designing actual "working" clothing, she requested a pixie that she could design clothes for.
She also found the perfect hair for this little one and wanted to add it herself.
It's both strange and exciting sending a doll off, not knowing who she is yet.
I can't wait to see what she does with her!