Sunday, March 23, 2014

Bloogle, a new monster design!

I have been so excited to share my newest monster with you guys.
He's a totally new design, and I adore him!
(Seriously...I didn't even want to list him for adoption, but apparently he wants to see more than just my art room. Oh well.)

This is Bloogle.

Bloogle is a laid back fellow.
He prefers to sit back, relax, and enjoy the pretty sunshine.

He is 8 inches tall and has long, floppy arms.

I adore his long arms! They make him so expressive!

If you need a pal like Bloogle to "chill out" with around the house, he's up for adoption here!

I haven't decided what is next on my to do list.
I have fabrics picked out for at least two more monsters like Bloogle.
I'd also like to make another mini Secret Keeper...and I need to restock on the regular sized Pocket Fluffs! Those guys just don't stick around for long, it seems!

What do you think of the new monster design?

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