Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Micro Fluffs!

Several months ago, I was challenged to make a Pocket Fluff 1 inch tall.
It took me a bit to finally get around to it, but I am so glad I accepted that challenge!

Doodle was NOT pleased with this picture, by the way.
Nor was he happy that I said he was the daddy fluff, Pigment was the mommy fluff, and the new micro fluff was their baby.
Ah well.
I think they made a cute little family at least.

Anyway, the micro fluffs are only around 1 inch tall and 1.5 inches wide!
They're so stinking cute, I can hardly stand it.

As you can see by the pictures I'm about to share with you, I've been on a micro fluff making spree!
The following micros have already found their homes:



If you're hoping to adopt a micro fluff, never fear!
These guys are still looking for a home:

Available here.
Available here.
Available here.

Available here.  (My current favorite!)

Available here.

To my lovely ball jointed doll lover friends, here's a couple of (not so great indoor/cell phone) comparison shots of the micro fluffs with some tiny dolls. I originally made these bitty guys to be fluffy companions for your tinies!

Size Reference- Micro Fluff

Pastel is an 11cm Obitsu. She's the same size as a Fairyland pukipuki.

Better sleep with one eye open...

Sparkle is a Charles' Creature Cabinet firefly. It's funny how this picture makes the runt sized fluff look HUGE!
Anyway, I have another micro fluff request to finish up on, and then I think I'm going to start on a new doll design. I haven't made a doll in months! 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Little Green Guy

Ever heard of Little Green Guy?
If so, you'll recognize this little fellow:

I created the Little Green Guy fluff just for Brittany to celebrate my monsters and dolls being sold in her awesome shop!

If you live anywhere near Wyandotte, MI (lucky you!) then stop by and say hello to these fluffs for me!

Marnie also decided she'd had quite enough of me, and requested to go visit the LGG shop too.
Even if you don't live in MI, go check out Little Green Guy's site here or visit her on Facebook here!
Oh! And speaking of Facebook, how'd you like a chance to adopt a Pocket Fluff for $1??
And not just ANY Pocket get to adopt this handsome guy:

Hop on over to my Facebook page to find out how!

Friday, September 13, 2013

Fluffs and a Staycation!

My husband is on vacation this week.
We didn't have any money to travel, so I thought we'd have a nice relaxing break here at home.
Boy, was I wrong! It's been fun, but we have been on the go constantly! I think I would have been less exhausted if we had actually left town!

Anyway, I haven't done any plush making this week because of our "staycation."
Heck, this post was supposed to happen at the beginning of the week, and I'm only just now sitting down to type it!

I wanted to share the latest fluffs with you guys.
All of these fluff balls have already headed off to their homes!

Who's your favorite from this cuddle of Fluffs?
I think mine is that last one. I love that smile!

As fun as this week has been, I hope things go back to normal next week!

P.S. This is my 100th post! Woohoo!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Just a quick little post to say happy birthday to me!

As self centered as that may sound, you guys actually get to benefit!
Starting today until Monday, September 9th, use the coupon code "HAPPYBDAY" to get 10% off anything in my etsy shop!
As you can see, Doodle and I have lots of partying to do now!

Margaritas for everyone! ;)

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deema, a Bubble Guppy inspired doll

After making so many Oonas, I was thrilled to get the chance to try a different character!

(Side note: As I write this post, Bubble Guppies is playing in the other room. Very appropriate.)

This is Deema!

Let me tell you, this girl has some HAIR!

Yes, you get a photo of the back of her head...because I spent many, many hours sewing those little circles on (and embroidering a little "swirl" in each one!).
It was worth it though. I love how it turned out!


She turned out a bit taller than Oona (11.5 inches tall), but it's just because of her very large hair. ;)

Deema was a custom order, so she's already been adopted!

I'll be back soon for a biiiiig Pocket Fluff update!
(Seriously, I just spent my day trying to keep 12 fluffs under control in the backyard. It was madness!)