Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Pocket Fluff

I'm back from my trip and been hard at work ever since!
The trip was fantastic and SO relaxing.
I definitely needed that.

I have the bride and groom Pocket Fluffs finished now!


She is wearing her wedding veil and he has on his sergeant patch.
I so enjoyed this custom order!

As usual, my son was helping me with the photos.
When I put the bride in the clovers, he said "she's so beautiful."
Haha! Guess that means I did my job then!

I doubt there will be any shop updates this week.
I'm going to be playing catch up on these custom orders for a little while now!
Oh, and here's a couple of pictures from my trip.
These gardens were absolutely gorgeous!

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Custom Pocket Fluffs, an Anniversary, and Meet Doodle!

Whew, lots to share this week!

First, here's the Pocket Fluffs this week!
Some were custom orders, and some were listed in the shop, but all have moved onto new homes now!

This custom pair isn't quite finished yet (and I'll take better pics when they are), but I couldn't wait to share their progress! They are a bride and groom created to celebrate a wedding next year!
I couldn't wait to share them because yesterday (April 12th) was my 5 year wedding anniversary. :)

My husband and I had a wonderful time celebrating yesterday. The best part though? He surprised me with a weekend trip! We're leaving almost as soon as I finish this blog post!
I'm so looking forward to just relaxing for a couple of days. I'm bringing my sketchbook along, but I've been told no sewing is allowed. So no monster progress until Tuesday. :)

This last little one has a bit of a funny story.
I've been wanting a Pocket Fluff of my own ever since I made the first one.
I've been waiting for one to tell me that he's the fluff for me, but had no luck so far.
So I decided since this was my anniversary week, I would take matters into my own hands and just make one for myself.
I picked my very favorite fur and made this cuddly little Pocket Fluff:

Isn't that rainbow fur gorgeous??

I had one Pocket Fluff left from the last shop update and I kept thinking I really loved his face, so I made a similar one for her.
Unfortunately, when I finished her I realized she wasn't the one I've been looking for.
(She was listed in the shop and adopted pretty much right away, by the way. I can't wait to make more from this fur!)

Anyway, the funny part of this story...Remember this guy?

He was the last Pocket Fluff in the shop. He sat all week on my desk staring at me as his other pals headed off to new homes. As soon as I finished the rainbow fluff, this little guy told me he'd been meant for me all along.

So I'm happy to introduce you to Doodle, the official Pocket Fluff of Scribble Dolls.
He and I have big plans (okay, maybe not THAT big....but when you're the size of a Pocket Fluff, most plans are big).

I will be creating an album on facebook and a photo set on flickr titled "The Adventures of Doodle Fluff." On slow days, I'll share what Doodle has been up to lately! I think it'll be fun, don't you??
(And yes, Doodle is coming along for the trip this weekend!)

When I get back on Tuesday, I'll be back to work on my list of customs (one doll and a bunch of Pocket Fluffs!).

Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Cuddle of Pocket Fluffs

Whew! These little Pocket Fluffs have been keeping me busy!
I decided to make a bunch for a shop update.

It was actually a lot of fun to have seven of these little guys here to play with!

These two were for a custom order.

Love the colors on this one! I think my next Pocket Fluff update will be in this color.

I'm also thinking about making a bigger guy out of this color (something similar to Furgle that I made a few weeks ago.)

These guys are all for the shop!

This little fellow is shorter and wider than the other Pocket Fluffs.
He says that just makes him more loveable though.
(He's already on his way to his new home!)

This little guy is the teeny little runt. He's just 2.5 inches tall!
He got snatched up pretty quickly.
(I'm not surprised...I *almost* decided to keep him for myself!)

This fellow found his new home right away too!

As I'm writing this, this poor little one is still looking for his forever home.
You can find his listing here!

This guy still hasn't found his home yet either. He's a bit sad that almost all of his siblings are gone.
You can adopt him here!

I think this next week I'll mostly be focusing on custom orders.
I want to mark off some of these names on the waiting list. :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fluffs are Coming!

I am in Pocket Fluff heaven right now.
I didn't realize how quickly these little guys would multiply...(must be related to tribbles).

Here's the first two...

These little guys were custom requests, so they already had homes lined up.
(And they were quickly picked up just in time for Easter!)

They had a lot of fun together before they ran off to new homes.
It seems these guys like to have a friend to cause trouble play with.

I am SO in love with this guy's fur color!
There will be a whole cuddle of Pocket Fluffs in this color looking for a home by the end of this week.
(Yes, I said a cuddle of fluffs. That is apparently the collective name for these guys.)
I also learned this week that not all Pocket Fluffs are the same size!
There's one short, chubbier one, and one bitty runt in this cuddle! So exciting! :)