Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Fluffs are Coming!

I am in Pocket Fluff heaven right now.
I didn't realize how quickly these little guys would multiply...(must be related to tribbles).

Here's the first two...

These little guys were custom requests, so they already had homes lined up.
(And they were quickly picked up just in time for Easter!)

They had a lot of fun together before they ran off to new homes.
It seems these guys like to have a friend to cause trouble play with.

I am SO in love with this guy's fur color!
There will be a whole cuddle of Pocket Fluffs in this color looking for a home by the end of this week.
(Yes, I said a cuddle of fluffs. That is apparently the collective name for these guys.)
I also learned this week that not all Pocket Fluffs are the same size!
There's one short, chubbier one, and one bitty runt in this cuddle! So exciting! :)

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  1. A cuddle of fluffs! LOL! That's perfect! :D I can't wait to see them all and adopt one!!