Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Cuddle of Pocket Fluffs

Whew! These little Pocket Fluffs have been keeping me busy!
I decided to make a bunch for a shop update.

It was actually a lot of fun to have seven of these little guys here to play with!

These two were for a custom order.

Love the colors on this one! I think my next Pocket Fluff update will be in this color.

I'm also thinking about making a bigger guy out of this color (something similar to Furgle that I made a few weeks ago.)

These guys are all for the shop!

This little fellow is shorter and wider than the other Pocket Fluffs.
He says that just makes him more loveable though.
(He's already on his way to his new home!)

This little guy is the teeny little runt. He's just 2.5 inches tall!
He got snatched up pretty quickly.
(I'm not surprised...I *almost* decided to keep him for myself!)

This fellow found his new home right away too!

As I'm writing this, this poor little one is still looking for his forever home.
You can find his listing here!

This guy still hasn't found his home yet either. He's a bit sad that almost all of his siblings are gone.
You can adopt him here!

I think this next week I'll mostly be focusing on custom orders.
I want to mark off some of these names on the waiting list. :)


  1. The Pocket Fluffs are real charmers. I love their sweet and mischievous little expressions. Are you sure they don't multiply when your back is turned?

    Oh, and if you make Pocket Fluffs, have you ever considered Dust Bunnies?

    1. I'm beginning to think they do, Rhissanna! There sure are quite a few coming and going around here...

      I love the idea of making Dust Bunnies! I'll have to see if I can find an appropriate fur color now!