Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Oona the 3rd

I'm sitting here, procrastinating.
I need to get back to work on my current doll, but she's one of those I have to work out how to make her in my head first.

Anyway, what better way to procrastinate than to get caught up on my blog?
At least it's productive...right??

Here's what's becoming a very familiar face around here....Oona!
We'll just call her Oona the 3rd.
Inspired by the Bubble Guppy by the same name! (And really, why must that song always get stuck in my head??)

I wanted a pic of all three Oonas together.
I think its funny how different she looks each time.
Just goes to show you, you're always going to get an OOAK doll, even when I make a repeat!

There's also been a couple of little "runt size" fluffs that have run through here.

This little one has already been adopted...and named Cutie! (Totally appropriate, in my opinion!)

This little guy is still looking for a home in the shop!

I actually have six fluffs on my desk, waiting to be photographed.
They are going somewhere special though...more on that to come later.

Well, back to work on the next doll! She's a pretty fun custom order.
Here's a hint...she's related to Oona.