Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Deema, a Bubble Guppy inspired doll

After making so many Oonas, I was thrilled to get the chance to try a different character!

(Side note: As I write this post, Bubble Guppies is playing in the other room. Very appropriate.)

This is Deema!

Let me tell you, this girl has some HAIR!

Yes, you get a photo of the back of her head...because I spent many, many hours sewing those little circles on (and embroidering a little "swirl" in each one!).
It was worth it though. I love how it turned out!


She turned out a bit taller than Oona (11.5 inches tall), but it's just because of her very large hair. ;)

Deema was a custom order, so she's already been adopted!

I'll be back soon for a biiiiig Pocket Fluff update!
(Seriously, I just spent my day trying to keep 12 fluffs under control in the backyard. It was madness!)

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  1. I loved watching her hair grow. It was a real labour of love and she's a star. What an infectious smile!