Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Micro Fluffs!

Several months ago, I was challenged to make a Pocket Fluff 1 inch tall.
It took me a bit to finally get around to it, but I am so glad I accepted that challenge!

Doodle was NOT pleased with this picture, by the way.
Nor was he happy that I said he was the daddy fluff, Pigment was the mommy fluff, and the new micro fluff was their baby.
Ah well.
I think they made a cute little family at least.

Anyway, the micro fluffs are only around 1 inch tall and 1.5 inches wide!
They're so stinking cute, I can hardly stand it.

As you can see by the pictures I'm about to share with you, I've been on a micro fluff making spree!
The following micros have already found their homes:



If you're hoping to adopt a micro fluff, never fear!
These guys are still looking for a home:

Available here.
Available here.
Available here.

Available here.  (My current favorite!)

Available here.

To my lovely ball jointed doll lover friends, here's a couple of (not so great indoor/cell phone) comparison shots of the micro fluffs with some tiny dolls. I originally made these bitty guys to be fluffy companions for your tinies!

Size Reference- Micro Fluff

Pastel is an 11cm Obitsu. She's the same size as a Fairyland pukipuki.

Better sleep with one eye open...

Sparkle is a Charles' Creature Cabinet firefly. It's funny how this picture makes the runt sized fluff look HUGE!
Anyway, I have another micro fluff request to finish up on, and then I think I'm going to start on a new doll design. I haven't made a doll in months! 

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