Thursday, January 2, 2014

Hello 2014!

I'm sad to say I left off 2013 by neglecting this blog.
I got so caught up in the hustle and bustle of the holidays, plus having two little ones that have been sick with colds nearly ALL winter, I just haven't taken the time to sit down and blog.

It seems the instant sharing of facebook and instagram are so fast and appealing, it's easy for me not to sit down and type out my thoughts here anymore. I like to pretend that there's someone out there that actually is interested in my random ramblings about plush and dolls (and on occasion, the random family happening) though, so I'm going to make an effort to start again.

I always look at New Year's as a great time to reflect.
I really enjoyed sitting down and reading my last two New Year's blog posts to see where I was at during this time last year.

I was so sad leaving behind 2012. It had been such an amazing year. I had been so full of hope for 2013.
This year is different. I'm not really sure what's wrong with me.
2013 wasn't a bad year at all. It was just....uneventful. I feel like for the most part I'm in the same place I was in this time last year. (I suppose, though, that is not really a bad thing. I'd much rather have a neutral year than a bad one!)

As I sit and think back on 2013, it seems to be the year I let many things go.
We started off the year by finally selling our home. It had been on the market for a year and it was a huge prayer answered to finally see it sold. As much as a relief as it was, it was still a bittersweet moment filled with lots of tears. It was hard saying goodbye to our home. It kind of sealed the fact that, at the moment, we don't have a place we truly "belong" in anymore. I hope 2014 puts us a step closer to regaining that again.

I let go of several relationships I had been holding onto for many years. It's a hard, sad thing to finally admit you're holding on to a relationship that no longer exists. I still love those people dearly, but it hurt me too much to keep trying and hoping for a phone call, or an acknowledgement. It's a relief to let that go (although, if I ever were to receive that phone call, I know I'd be there in a second. I'm unfortunately like that when it comes to those I love).

2013 wasn't all bittersweet sadness, though.
I celebrated my very first etsy sale when this little girl found her home:

I still remember that moment when my phone notified me I had made a sale. I'm embarrassed to admit it, but I actually cried. It was that moment that I saw my "silly little dream" of creating and selling my art come to reality. It was a pretty major event for me.

2013 will always be the year I remember as the "Year of the Pocket Fluff."
Oh, what fun I've had since creating that first little Pocket Fluff last March!
I've been thrilled by how much everyone else has loved those little fluff balls.
And, of course, the birth of the Pocket Fluffs brought a certain special little fluff into my life:

Can you believe I actually had Doodle listed in my shop for about a week?
I even created a different fluff for myself. After I finished her, I sat there, holding her, and thinking, "This is not Doodle." And from the "shop basket," I heard a little voice say, "Well of course she's not! I am Doodle!"
(Even funnier, during this little conversation, my phone went off that I had made an etsy sale. My heart sunk because I was quite sure that in the moment I had discovered my Doodle fluff he also sold to someone else. Thankfully, it was the other fluff listed in the shop that sold. I pulled his listing down right after that moment, and the rest is history.)
Doodle has been on many an adventure since that moment, and has certainly added a new fun perspective on things for me.

And since we're talking about the resident fluffs, how can I not also mention this girl?

If you follow me on Facebook, you'll know that Pigment is the other resident fluff around here. Instead of going on adventures, though, she lives on my desk and makes sure I do my work. She and Doodle have different views on things, and tend to argue when they're around one another. They never cease to amuse me. ;)

The introduction of Doodle and Pigment have added a whole new dimension of fun to my plush making and the sharing of my work. I hope you guys enjoy their silliness as much as I do. (And perhaps I should plan on sharing the two of them on this blog more in 2014?)

In non related plushie news, I also watched these two:

Grow and change into these two:

It's amazing (and a bit sad) to see how much my kids grow and change with each year. I love watching them as they learn and grow, and as their personalities begin to shine through.

Now that I've sat back and reflected on all that, perhaps 2013 wasn't such a "neutral" year after all!

And now I give you the Scribble Dolls of 2013!

Who was your favorite?
(Aside from Doodle, of course. In his opinion, he was EVERYONE'S favorite.)

I'm looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings.
I slacked off the past couple of months on creating, and I'm hoping to kick myself back into gear starting next week.
First up, I'll be finishing a special doll (who should've been the last doll of 2013, but instead will be the first of 2014!). Her soon to be guardian has been so very patient with me as I've taken far longer than normal on her. I'm terribly grateful for her sweetness and understanding and truly hope this next little one is something very special to make up for it. I can not wait to share her with all of you since she is a new design, and has been quite a pleasure to create. I'm hoping to release more in a similar style this year.

Oh, and over the next few days I'll also be listing several Pocket Fluffs that have returned from traveling and are now ready to find a new home. Keep your eye on the shop if you're hoping to adopt one!

I'm also considering getting back into painting on canvas. Painting will always be my first love and I haven't done it in awhile. I've always thought about selling my canvas paintings, but I haven't found a way to ship them (packaging, I mean). My first easy solution to this problem is to paint on mini canvases! I received 4 4"x6" canvases for Christmas, so hopefully you'll be seeing those in the shop in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you, everyone, for your love and support of Scribble Dolls during 2013. If it weren't for you all, I might have stopped a year ago with this!


  1. Well, I for one love reading your blog!

    And I think I'm the one who scared you by buying "Not Doodle" LOL... I remember I had sat there debating between him and the one I purchased, LOL (Who I ADORE, btw... and she sits on my desk and keeps me company!!!)

    It seems like 2013 was pretty exciting for you, lol, even if it wasn't as exciting as 2012... it was still a good year! I look forward to another year of family and business updates :)

    And yeah... omg... Instagram is so much quicker and easier. I suffered from that this last year too. My resolutions all rotate around a dedication to the blogs. *sigh* SO much work to do!

    1. Haha! Yes, you were!
      I so wish it was easier to comment on other blogs from my phone. I'd probably do it way more often if it wasn't for that.

      You're waaay better at keeping up with your blogs than I am, so I bet you'll do great with that resolution!