Thursday, January 30, 2014

Special Valentine Fluffs

I am a total sucker for Valentine's Day.
I LOVE walking down the aisles in the stores just so I can see all the pinks, reds, and whites...and the hearts! I could probably decorate my entire house just from the Valentine section in Hobby Lobby (except people would think I had really lost it then!)

I even loved it all when I was single. It just meant I got to buy a gift for myself rather than someone else! Ha!
(Now that I'm not though, my husband does a pretty darn good job at gift buying!)

I knew I needed to do a special Valentine edition of the Pocket Fluffs!

I had so much fun making these guys.
You'll notice, they each have (at least) one heart on their cheeks.

And seriously...what can say "I love you" more than a Pocket Fluff??

As I'm typing this, two of these fluffs have already found a home, but the rest are patiently waiting in the shop!

Which one is your favorite??

1 comment:

  1. These fluffs are great. Like your little creatures very much.