Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A Little Faerie

Custom orders can be so much fun.
They push me to do things I probably would've never thought of on my own.

I had a lovely customer request a plush doll inspired by her very special ball jointed doll.
I was pretty excited about creating this doll because these particular ball jointed dolls are very special to me also.

I used the new pattern I created back in the fall that I refer to as my "Pixie" pattern. 
I altered the head a little bit to match the larger heads of the original ball jointed dolls.
(Expect to see Pixies in the near future, by the way! They'll be very similar to this faerie except with a slightly different head and face style.)

This is the doll she's based off of:

This is the lovely Tiggy.
She's a Fidelia Firefly Faerie created by Charles' Creature Cabinet.
You can follow Tiggy's adventures on her blog and on flickr.

She can't remain sitting up or standing without assistance, but she is quite fun to manipulate with a prop.

She's about 11.5" tall.

My favorite thing about her is she's floppy and cuddly like a rag doll.
At least for me, it makes it fun to carry her around and play with her!
(Yes, I play with the dolls I create. I consider it part of the job description. ;) )

She was a bit disappointed we couldn't go outside for pictures, but it is WAY too cold out there!
(And I know it isn't nearly as cold here as it is in other places, but I despise cold weather anyway.) I'm considering spending the rest of the winter in hibernation...if only my kids would allow it.

This doll was supposed to be the last doll of 2013, but ended up having the honor of being the very first doll of 2014. Considering the special history and connection I have with the firefly faeries, I can't think of a better way to start off the new year!

I haven't decided what I'm going to work on next.
I cleaned off my desk today (finally)! It's amazing how out of control it can get in just a short period of time.
With all this extra desk space, I am so ready to kick it in gear and start creating again!
Right now I'm torn between mini Secret Keepers or Pixies. Hmm, we'll see.

Want to learn more about Charles' Creature Cabinet dolls?
(Pictured below is my Fidelia)

You can follow Fidelia Firefly Faerie on facebook.
You can see what dolls are available to purchase (typically by preorder) on Jpop.
Or you can visit the Firefly Fairy Thread on The Resin Cafe to ask any questions!

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  1. I LOVE this gal you created, and it's so fun to learn that she's based on Tiggy (who is such a character!!!)

    I can't wait to see more in this line! :)