Friday, June 6, 2014

We're All Mad Here! Chessa the Cheshire

I've said it before I know, but I'm always months behind creating my ideas.
Chessa has been sitting in my sketchbook, waiting to be made for at least a year now.
My new mini pixies gave me the perfect base to finally create her.
(They also give me the perfect base to create a bunch of other little characters that have been patiently I'm really excited about the future around here!)

I have to admit, I think she's my favorite doll I've created to date.

This is Chessa the Cheshire.

She's five and a half inches tall if you count her big kitty ears.

Like my last little pixies, she's wired so she can hold some poses.

She was hand painted using acrylics and sealed with a matte varnish.

Her outfit is removable and comes with a dress, tutu, and panties.

She's a bit mad, but I hear all the best people are. ;)

She has already been adopted, but I imagine there will be more cheshires in the future.
It was hard sending her off, but I know where she's going she'll be really loved!

I've already started on the next little doll.
She's a fun custom that I can't wait to share with you all!

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  1. She is beyond adorable!! She might be my favorite of yours too, what a precious idea! When you first showed a sneak peek of just her head, I had no idea she was so tiny! I just love her and can't wait to see what other characters you have up your sleeve!! :)