Thursday, May 19, 2011

School's Out! Shew!

No, I'm not in school anymore, but my work revolves around the school year.
I work in a professional photo lab and we print pictures for schools...
so the past month has been SO busy.
There's always a huge push before the kids get out for christmas break
and then another before they get out for summer.
Plus, my co-worker is out on maternity leave so I've been painfully busy.

I haven't had much time for anything at all...
there's a sad little furry monster sitting on my table begging to be finished.
Now that things are finally slowing down, you guys should be seeing him soon!

In dolly news, a lovely new friend decided to join the gang around here.
She's my first MSD and was made by ResinSoul.

I finally had a few minutes to spare the other day
and was able to take her out and play with my camera.
She was a blast to photograph...and isn't she lovely?

I still want to darken the makeup around her eyes a bit,
but after the painfully fiddly work of putting her glass eyes in, I think it can wait awhile.

For once, poor Scribble wasn't included in the photo session...hopefully she'll forgive me. ;)


  1. She is beautiful! I love her eyes!!! Isn't outdoor photography the best? Your photo's look so nice. Every time I try to take pics of my dolls inside, they are never as good as the outdoor shoot! lol..
    Nice to meet you, btw - enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks!
    Yes, I've just about given up trying to take indoor pictures of my dolls. They just never seem to come out right no matter what I try!
    Nice meeting you too and thanks for stopping by!