Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Sometimes life throws you a curveball...

Last week was an absolute nightmare.

Two weeks after Summer was born, I had a horrible violent pain in my stomach.
 It lasted for hours and I pretty much was stuck, crying in pain with no relief.
It finally went away and I thought it was either a 24 hour stomach bug
 or extremely bad gas pain from surgery.

It happened again two weeks later...and then again a week later...and then every other day.
 It was horrible! The pain could last half an hour or six hours!
 I was living in fear of it happening again.

Last week, I finally let my husband talk me into going to the ER.
 (I'm pretty darn stubborn when it comes to doctors!)
I was admitted into the hospital and was stuck there for six days!

I could go on and on with stories of just how horrible that hospital was.
(I seriously think all the nice staff are reserved for the maternity ward.)

I was stuck more last week than I have been in my entire life.
My poor arms are all sad and bruised.
 I was on a liquid diet for four days.
 I was so homesick and missed my kids more than I can even describe.

The problem?
 I was one of the lucky 3% that had gallstones that managed to escape my gallbladder
and cause a blockage
 (why my pain kept coming back so frequently.)
 I had to have a procedure to have the escaped stones removed,
then a surgery to have my gallbladder taken out.

Like I said, one long long nightmare.
(I should note, the only time I've ever been in the hospital was to have my two babies.)

The worst of the worst from that week:
-The nurses stuck my FIVE times trying to get my IV back in.
-One nurse was determined to make me feel bad for leaving my kids with my mother in law
 and went on and on about how much trouble it must be for her.
-I was given pain meds that made me zombie like.
 My husband, in his rush to leave for work, accidentally left one of the lights on (it was 6 am).
 I was completely embarrassed having to ask for a nurse to come turn it off.
I heard her griping about how ridiculous my request was as she came down the hall to my room.
 I was stuck, lying in bed, sobbing and desperately wanting my kids and to be out of that awful place.

I am so SO happy to be back home now.
 I cried and cried when Alex and Summer were brought back home.
I'm pleased to say I'm recovering very nicely and as long as I stay on top of my pain meds,
 I'm a pretty normal person. :)

Anyway, obviously no crafty updates this week, but how do you guys like the blog redesign?
 I'm so happy to finally personalize the place!

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