Friday, July 20, 2012


Today has been such a wonderful day.

I think it's pretty obvious I adore my two kids.
They make me laugh with their silly antics.
They constantly inspire me with their personalities...but they also wear me out!

Today both kids spent the day at my mother-in-law's home.
After weeks of being on the go constantly, my husband and I finally found we had a day together with NO responsibilities.
It was pure bliss.

We went out to lunch at a nice restaurant and strolled around the local outdoor mall
(and nearly melted from the terribly painful heat!).
We finally ended up in Barnes and Noble.
I gathered a stack of artsy books and we found a quiet corner to read and drink overpriced coffee.
I feel SO much better.

It's funny how much we took these "date days" for granted before we had kids.

I'm now back in my art room, waiting for the kids to get home, and doing as much of this as I can before they do...

I am beyond excited about my current project.
It's something I've been dreaming about for years and it's finally coming together.
I can not wait to share it with you guys...
I'm actually so excited, I don't even want to show it until it's completed!

I have so many ideas brewing right now and I'm just dying to start putting it all together.
Hopefully I can rework how I handle my days to make more time for creating.
In the meantime, here's some sketchbook doodles.

Anyone have any exciting plans for the weekend?
Or working on any exciting projects?
I'd love to hear about it!


  1. I was hoping to go to the air show where we live but my dogs get naughty when left that long alone so I stayed home..which is good because I can now work on some crafty projects! I'm sorry your melting in the heat. You can come visit here! We've had nice cool weather! 60 degrees right now.. Have a great weekend!

    1. Oh, I'd love to go visit if it's 60 degrees! We're getting nothing but triple digits and humidity so thick, you'd think you were swimming outside. Bleh.
      Gosh, I haven't been to an air show in years. We have one not too far from here once a year, but we always seem to miss it.
      I can understand about the dogs. Mine have to be put up when we go out. For some reason if they have full run of the house, they feel they should potty every five seconds when no one is watching! Ugh!
      I hope you get some projects done! I unfortunately had to spend the day catching up on housework...I slacked off too much last week! ;)

  2. Hi! I found your blog through another doll blog, which seems to be the only way dollmakers can find each other. I was enchanted by your lovely working drawings. I really like seeing how other dollmakers get their ideas!
    New follower

    1. I know what you mean! I love when I can take the time to blog hop and discover new artists. I could lose myself for hours doing it!
      Thanks so much for your sweet comment and so glad you came to visit! :)