Friday, September 28, 2012

Too many things in progress!

I was so happy when I left for vacation.
I had managed to finish off all my projects and had a nice clean desk.

When I got back, I enjoyed the freedom for a couple of days.
I was imagining all the things I could start on and was trying to decide what direction I should go in.

It didn't take long for that to change. ;)

Exciting news though...I got my first two commissions!
I'm considering this my first step towards finally opening an etsy shop.
I've only been dreaming of doing it for forever now.

Here's some photos of what I'm currently working on...

This first guy is a commissioned sock monkey.
He's a bit grumpy right now because he has no face. I don't really blame him.
I'd probably be grumpy too.

Next is a pair of eyes belonging to my second commission.
They'll belong to a Rainbow Dash inspired pony.
I've got most of the pattern drawn out so I'll be starting on her as soon as the monkey gets his face.
This little doll face is patienly waiting to be painted and given a body.
I told her she had to wait until the pony is done.
Thankfully, she seems pretty laid back about the situation. :)
This little cheshire kitty is sitting in my sketchbook right now, hoping to be turned into a painting.
I have a feeling he's going to expect to become a plushie also.
Demanding little creature.
And finally, an in progress painting.
This was actually drawn by my husband.
When our son was born, we worked together and painted a huge mural in his nursery.
My husband drew it all and I did the painting.
We had so much fun working on it together...we actually dreamed of doing murals for other people for awhile.
I decided we should try something a little more simple and had him start drawing pictures on canvas for me to paint. I think it's coming out very cute. :)
I'm not sure if I ever actually shared our son's nursery on this blog. There are SO many pictures of it, that it would take me forever to upload them so I'll just be lazy and link to the craftster post I made about it a few years ago. If you're curious to see it, just look here!
As you can see, I have lots to do!
Guess I better get back to work.
Hopefully I'll return soon with some finished pictures.
Anyone else have too many projects going?

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