Thursday, February 10, 2011

A Little Update...W.I.P.!

I am so excited right now!
For the past year I've been trying to "find myself" while creating plushies
....and I think I'm finally getting closer!
I am terribly excited about the doll I'm working on right now and can't wait to share her with you,
but I've still got a few finishing touches to make.

In the meantime, you get a couple of fun work in progress pictures with Scribble helping me out! :)

I've actually been working on this doll for what seems like forever now. This is the first time I've really added "hair" to a plushie...and at some points I wasn't sure if I'd survive the task. Thank goodness Scribble has been here cheering me on.

I used the same yarn that I used on my very first doll.
I was thinking this would be a great project to use up the last of it...until I ran out before I was done.
Now I have a whole new ball of it to use up.
(Thank goodness I like pink, huh?)

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  1. Hi there, I love Scribble. I have one ball jointed doll, Moona. She is currently on my blog posting my winners from OWOH.
    I am a member of Art Dolls Only - Congratulations! You won My Art Dolls Only piece.
    It was the first one on the list. It's a Steempunk wall hanging of a
    sleeping butterfly doll.
    Please send me your address so I can mail her to you. Check out my blog to see my precious bjd and email me with your address
    I really hope you like it.
    Jan aka Lucy