Friday, November 9, 2012

Introducing Persephone

The next week or so will be pretty exciting for me.
It's time for the seven dolls I've been working on to each take their turn deciding who they want to be.

I just love dolly birthdays. I think it's the best part of making dolls!

This little one decided to go first.

It's I was working on her, I kept trying to decide what her name would be.
I was pretty sure I had one picked out and everything.
As I put the last stitches on her though, she whispered the name she wanted and I knew it could be nothing else.
I always find it funny when a doll does this to me...especially since the name is one I never would've originally considered.
Anyway, this is Persephone.

She loves flowers and spring time.
She's a bit disappointed that her birthday is in the fall.
She also has a weakness for sweets (don't we all?).

Like all my Secret Keeper dolls, she's about 12 inches tall if you count her long legs.

She's now patiently waiting for her sisters to be finished!