Wednesday, May 29, 2013

A Birthday Monster!

My little guy is turning 4 next week (June 8th).
He's been asking me for months to create a monster for him, so I knew I had to have him ready for his birthday!

He was VERY specific about what his monster should look like.
He had to have green hair, a blue face, black arms and legs, and blue shoes.

He's about 11 inches tall if you count his legs.

I love that he needed to wear blue shoes! :)

I am so thrilled with how this monster came out...I'm secretly glad he's for my son so he'll be living here!
I'm going to ask him for more monster making advice in the future. He seems to be pretty good at it!

I do think I need to make some more of these guys for the shop though...what do you think? :)

I also finished this little fluff today!
I'd tell you he's looking for a new home, but he found it not long after I put him in the shop!
He'll be making his way to Canada Friday :)

Hmm...what's next?
I'm not sure yet.
I have four little Pocket Fluff faces staring at me...I want to make another big monster...and I want to finally make a Cheshire cat for the shop!
So many plans, so little time. ;)


  1. Your son has excellent design skills! His birthday monster is fabulous!! Definitely hire him on as a consultant. :)
    I love that little Pocket Fluff, I was going to share his Etsy link but he was gone by the time I saw him! These little Fluffs are quite popular! I'm glad to hear you have more, and I hope some are for the store as some friends have been asking me about mine! :D

    1. Very good monster design skills your son has indeed!

    2. Thanks!
      Yes, I'm so thrilled at how loved my Pocket Fluffs are! I can't make them fast enough!
      Luckily, I'm all caught up on my waiting list so all four will be for the shop!

  2. Thanks again! All that fur will keep him nice and cozy up here!

    1. And thank you! I bet he's going to have a great time there!