Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Oona the Second and some more fluff...

Looks like I've gotten behind on my blog posts.
Not sure how that happened!

Here's a few little creatures that have come and gone since I last visited here.
This first one moved off to the UK (and brought the rainbow fluff I showed you guys in an earlier post along with him).

This next little pair of runt sized Fluffs are also happily living in their new home together!
(They've been named Tribble and Nurple!)

I was asked to make another Oona bubble guppy for another little one, so I was more than happy to do so! We'll just call her Oona the Second.

I take back everything I said about a doll being so much faster the second time around. Oona did NOT like me for some reason! She ended up taking me a whole week to complete because of one silly thing after another! I'm not sure why we didn't get along while she was being created, but we decided to make up and be friends once she was completed.

And that brings us to today!
This is Septimus, a custom Pocket Fluff.
He had his name picked out before I even started making him! Lucky fellow.

I have six pocket fluffs staring at me right now, all just waiting for their finishing touches, so I'll share them with you guys in the next few days!
They're all from my waiting list, so no shop updates this week though.

I found I've had to slow down just a bit in my plushie making. I've been staying up waaaay too late and not getting nearly enough sleep so I'm having to force myself to go to bed now (boo!).
I also discovered all this hand sewing is giving me carpal tunnel! Ack!
Luckily, the wrist brace is helping a lot with that (and it makes me look tough too LOL). I guess I'll take that as a sign that I have no choice but to get comfortable with my sewing machine.
(And oh my, if I can make friends with my machine, we're going to be over run with fluffs!)


  1. Too cute....absolutely adorable:)

  2. Ouch! Yes, I wondered how you were managing to do all this by hand. I thought maybe you and the Sewing Machine had worked things out? I can see that sewing the Fluffs' fur is better by hand, but ouch(again)! please take care of those hands. I love Tribble!

  3. Oooh, how heavy duty is your wrist brace? And for what hand? I have a really good one I never use any more if you're in need!