Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Woohoo! All the Pocket Fluffs on my list are now completed!
It feels good to mark off so many things from my never ending "To Do List."

All these little guys have already found a home, but I'm hoping to start working on some for the shop soon.

First up is this cute little pair!
They've been named Fidget and Gidget and they're off to live with their brother, Widget.
I can't wait to see what fun the three will have!

I always have so much fun with the little runt sized Pocket Fluffs...so I was pretty excited about working on three at once! As you can see, they were having a lot of fun together.
Glad they're all off to live in the same home!


And finally, Scramble. She went off to her new home today, and I've heard she's already had a big adventure at the mall. (Doodle is quite jealous.)

I hope everyone had a good Mother's Day this past Sunday!
I certainly did. My son even decided to help me with monster photos...
Next up on the work table is a custom order for a My Little Pony. Fun!

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