Friday, August 24, 2012

Lovely Friday- American Girl Dolls

When I was little, I used to get the American Girl catalog in the mail.
I loved when that thing would arrive!
I would study the pages for hours, dreaming of what I wanted.
Unfortunately, American Girl dolls are expensive...and even as a young kid I knew that.
I was never bitter or angry about not being able to get one, but oh, how I wished.
Twenty years later, my dream finally came true.
My dear sweet husband got her for me for my birthday.
My birthday isn't until September 7th, but he was too excited to wait.
(He's so funny like that!)
I don't think he expected my reaction when I opened the box though...
You can laugh at me, but I'll admit it:
I started to cry when I realized he'd actually bought me my very own American Girl doll.

I want to buy her some clothes, but it's just not in the budget right now...
I was pretty excited to discover that one of the dresses Summer has outgrown actually fits her!
(Plus, it's even more special for her to be wearing my precious little girl's outfit :) )
Anyway, I've named her Beth and she is what I'm loving today.
What do you love today?
P.S. Yes, when no one is home, I have been carrying her around and pretending to be a little girl again. ;)


  1. How wonderful:) I always wanted to have a daughter so I could buy one for her. I posted a link on my blog for a site that has patterns to make their clothes.

    1. I can't wait until Summer is old enough to want one. Well, if she is interested in dolls, that is...(I have a pretty good feeling that's not going to be the case though).
      I saw that you had posted that link. I'm definitely going to have to look at it closer. For some reason, I am completely clueless when it comes to making clothes. I have no idea why.