Friday, August 3, 2012

Lovely Friday- Monster High

Today I love my Monster High dolls.
They're kinda my guilty pleasure...

I get just as excited as my three year old when we go to the toy section of Target!
I love seeing if I'll be lucky enough to stumble on any new dolls.

I adore their body designs and just the whole overall concept of the dolls.
They're pretty much just as fun to pose as my bjd's (and they only cost $12-$20, so big bonus there).

I knew when I heard they were coming out with a Phantom of the Opera themed doll, I would have to buy her as soon as I found her.
This is Operetta. I didn't take a picture, but she has the coolest shoes.

Robecca Steam is my newest addition. I just love her pretty face.

I love Rochelle's outfit and her color scheme. She also came with the cutest gargoyle pet.

I bought Abby on a whim (she was one of the cheaper Gloom Beach dolls), but once I opened her she immediately became my favorite. I'm not even sure why.
For some reason her posing feels more natural than the others.
She has such a pretty face and her skin has sparkles in it. So pretty.
I confess, I keep her close at hand so I can play with her. ;)

I have a couple more that are my current in progress customization victims (Frankie and Lagoona).
As much as I love the Monster High dolls, I really love them when they've been repainted.
I'm hoping to get decent enough so I can repaint my favorites.

Anyway, back to work on a little birthday present...

What do you love today?

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